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During this free VIP training:

You'll learn exactly how to streamline your business, get your time back and build a self-managed team so that you can finally scale with ease!

I'll also be sharing the 4 components you need in place to scale without overwhelm (information I normally only share with clients) and at the end, I'll share all the details of my next upcoming program. (see below)

Streamlined & Scaled

Streamline your business & build a small, self-managed team so you can escape overwhelm, take back your time & scale your business with ease.

With Theresa Loe

Does This Sound Familiar?

You've worked hard to get your business off the ground, but NOW you are...

  • Feeling like the backend of the business is a hot mess because of all the chaos going on.
  • Maxed out on time & energy and you're sacrificing yourself...just to keep things afloat.
  • Unsure if you have the right people in the right seats on your team and you don't know how to fix that.
  • Know that YOU are the bottleneck much of the time because too many things have to flow through you to get done.
  • Afraid to take a real vacation because you don't have confidence that things will run smoothly if you step out.

Listen...You might not fully believe that you can work LESS and still GROW your business.

But I'm here to tell you... I help people do exactly THAT all day, every day.

And the truth is...

You CAN'T AFFORD to keep sacrificing yourself for your business.

You didn't start your business to work 12+ hour days! In fact, that's a surefire path to burnout.

There IS a way to have the lifestyle you want while scaling your offer at the same time.

It's about streamlining your operations to be more efficient & effective.

And it's about setting up your small, but mighty team properly so that they fully support you.

Listen, you need to stop working IN the weeds of your business...

So that you can work ON your business.

Imagine what it will feel like when you are...

  • 100% confident that everything you pass off to your team will be done and done well.
  • Removed from the day-to-day operations while still seeing a bigger impact on your customers.
  • Confidently enjoying a dream vacation (fully unplugged) knowing that the business is safe and running perfectly without you there.
  • Able to work LESS while increasing your revenue and still maintaining a stellar customer experience.
  • Finally spending time on the big passion projects that light you up instead of being stuck in the weeds all the time.
  • No longer bottlenecking or micromanaging projects because your team is capable, talented and handling it all for you.
  • Enjoying more family time, free time and work-free weekends
  • Personally evolving into the true leader of your business.

What would it mean to grow your business while working LESS?

Streamlined & Scaled is the comprehensive group coaching program for scaling your business without scaling the chaos & stress!

Streamlined & Scaled Group Coaching

Helps YOU get your time back, build a stellar, supportive team and clean up the chaos behind the scenes so that you scale with ease.

It is intentionally designed for busy, overwhelmed CEOs to fast-track you through the process.

And after that...

We train your team for you!

Streamlined & Scaled includes an entire training portal for your team so they know what it means to be a POWERHOUSE team member. This allows YOU to step more fully into the CEO role.

“Theresa’s training was a game-changer! 

She deeply understands the position of supporting ambitious CEOs with big ideas. And she's a master at gently guiding a team to step fully into their work with confidence.”

Jasmine Star

(Membership & Tech Company)

"Because of my work with Theresa…. I was able to take a three-week completely UNPLUGGED vacation!

I did not take phone calls, emails...nothing! I enjoyed my time away while my team smoothly ran my entire business while I was gone. This never would have happened had it not been for Theresa’s guidance on how to set up and run a team properly."

Katie Elzer-Peters

(Service-Based Business/Agency)

As YOU are getting coaching & curriculum,

We Train Your Team For You!

As you work through your milestones, you'll unlock a full training portal for your team

The Powerhouse Team Academy

This training portal will guide and uplevel your entire team so that you don't have to.

Topics Include:

  • Accountability
  • Delegation
  • Communication & Meetings
  • Project Management
  • Productivity & Inbox Management
  • Systems & Processes
  • Company Organization
  • And so much more
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Hi There - I'm Theresa Loe!

In all my years of coaching entrepreneurs, I found there's one area where most people struggle...

They don't know how to scale the business without also scaling the messiness behind the scenes.

Listen, everyone starts out as a solopreneur. But few people learn to transition to a CEO mindset AND set up their operations for scalability.

Without guidance, you can end up overworking and hitting a revenue ceiling because there aren't enough hours in the day.

I coach people on how to be a true CEO, build a supportive, affordable team & streamline the way they run their business.

This is NOT about hiring overpriced people.

This is about getting your time and your life back (in an affordable way) so that you can reap the benefits of what you've built.

But I don't just coach and consult CEOs -- I also train their entire team on being self-managed and effective.

And I can tell you that it IS possible to scale your business while working LESS.

I can show you and your team how!

“Going through this process helped me fix the leaks in my business.

I was able to take a 3-month maternity leave, my revenue didn’t drop and my audience could NOT tell I was out of the office.

Theresa showed me how to set up systems and processes so that everything now runs without me!”

Tracy Campoli

(Online Membership Owner)

"I didn’t believe it was possible, but…

I found the most perfectly aligned team member that allowed me to scale AND have more time off!

Today, I’m able to have a 4-day workweek.”

Laura Phillips

(Coach & Digital Course Creator)

"I had struggled with finding team members who were dedicated to the work.

Theresa's hiring process was SEAMLESS. I used it to successfully onboarded several PERFECT people to my fast-growing team and THAT was a game-changer for us.

She then helped me step more into leading that team. Theresa is an AMAZING COACH"

Emily Aarons

(Coach & Mentor)

“I had a successful business, but there was never time to scale because I was bogged down in long to-do lists.

Theresa showed me how to pull myself out of the grind so I could work ON the business instead of IN the business.”

Bonnie Hamer

(Digital Product-Based Business)

“My work with Theresa included working on ME as the CEO. I’m now a more effective leader and my team is thriving!

I also dialed in my team's roles, communication and how each team member owns their role without me micro-managing. 

I'm so thankful for Theresa's guidance.”

Britt Seva

(Membership Owner & Mentor)

“Theresa taught me how to clarify roles & find the exact right fit for those roles.

The team is so much happier and not stressed anymore!”

Angel Alegre Garcia

(Digital Course Creator)

“I wanted a team-building and leadership program that fit my type of business and this was it!

I’ve learned SO much about how to build my company AND how to step into my leadership role as the CEO!"

Kris Bradley

(Course Creator & Mentor)

"I would highly recommend Theresa’s trainings to every business owner that wants to take their business to the next level.

In the past, I had struggled with finding the right person for my integrator (2nd-in-command) role. But Theresa taught me how to find someone that was best suited to my particular needs. And she guided me on getting them on board quickly and efficiently."

Julia Magnusdottir

(Digital Course Creator)

After making some shifts with the team, I now have the RIGHT people in place. 

Everyone is taking ownership of their work & I’m no longer having to make all the decisions!"

Maria Dior

(In-Person Business + Digital Course Creator)

"With Theresa’s help, we built our dream team.

Hiring the right people has saved me tons of money and time and I love knowing my team members were made for the roles they were hired for."

Stacy Tuschl

(Mentor & Digital Course Creator)

"I now trust in my abilities as the CEO and leader in my business.

Before I started working with Theresa, I was doing way too much and I needed a more solid team behind me. Plus, I wasn’t sure how I would lead that team once I had them in place. After going through Theresa’s S&S Program, I became much more confident.

I’m able to communicate deeply and authentically with my team and we’re now working together so I can stay in my zone of genius and be a true CEO ready to grow and scale.”

Candus Kampfer

(Digital Course Creator)

“Simplifying our operations made us much more efficient and saved money.

But the best part was that removing all the complexities actually made everyone’s work more enjoyable!”

Summer Slevin

(Digital Membership)