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Live an organic, farm fresh lifestyle without having a farm!

An exclusive, online monthly membership that helps you master the skills of small-space organic food growing, artisan food crafts, and a balanced farm-fresh lifestyle.

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Organic, wholesome food should be easy. But the truth is...

You need a unique skillset in order to have local, organic produce at your fingertips and homecrafted foods (like fermented veggies & yogurt) at the ready.  

The Living Homegrown Institute helps you build those skillsets in a fun, supportive environment, while helping you manage the rhythms of a seasonal home at the same time.  

Does this sound like you?

  • You care about where your food comes from -- worry about the cost of eating completely organically.
  • You'd like to start a food garden or expand the one you already have -- But... you're unsure where to start OR you've had failures in the past that you don't want to repeat.
  • You'd like to learn to ferment your vegetables, make your own yogurt/cheese and other food crafts -- don't want to read 5 books or experiment 50 times before having success.
  • You want to feel confident and proud of what you feed your family because you know it's sourced from the best ingredients. And you want to do this in an affordable way. 
  • You sometimes wish you had a friend who could just come over to teach you (in the privacy of your own home) -- and shortcut your way to success...without all the trial and error in the middle.

Hi There!

I'm Theresa Loe, founder of Living Homegrown® (the award-winning website & podcast).

I'm also the Co-Executive Producer and on-air Preserving Expert of the national PBS television series, Growing A Greener World®.

After years of teaching people how to live a farm fresh lifestyle through organic gardening and seasonal living, I've learned a thing or two about what holds people back from diving into this lifestyle successfully. 

To help people on their journey toward a more flavorful, nutritious lifestyle, I created the Living Homegrown Institute. 

I've created this online membership as your shortcut to living a life full of organic produce, wholesome food, and a balanced lifestyle...without all the overwhelm.

We'll take this journey month at a time! 

~ Theresa

To live organically, you need three things:

#1: You need to build skills in the areas of sourcing, growing, and using organic food.

#2: You need support and guidance that goes beyond reading the pages of a book -- That can be a knowledgable friend, a teacher/mentor or a supportive community of people on the same path as you.

#3: You need simple strategies to manage this type of lifestyle so that you're not overwhelmed.

What if you could...

  • Grow or locally-source some of your own organic produce so that you know exactly what IS or IS NOT in your food.
  • Confidently craft your own artisan foods such as fermented vegetables, homemade cheese, and homemade yogurt.
  • Have your family on board with eating wholesome, organic food because it tastes better than anything in a box.
  • Use simple techniques and proven systems to manage this type of lifestyle so that you don't get overwhelmed.

The Living Homegrown Institute is your roadmap and your shortcut!

I've combined all my years of training and experience with the knowledge of other experts in the areas of organic gardening, food crafts and wellness to hand you the roadmap you need to succeed.

There are three areas of focus inside the Institute: GROW, NOURISH and BALANCE. 

You work on these skills each month.

You learn at your own pace - 24/7.

The entire membership is online and you can access it on any device (computer, iPad, phone).  


Some lessons focus on building skills toward managing a small-space, organic food garden. 

We cover topics ranging from Designing Your First Garden, and How To Do a Soil Test, to Growing Epic Tomatoes, and Extending the Harvest

Occasionally, we dive into topics like raising backyard chickens or ducks.

NOTE: The growing info focuses on North America climates.


Some lessons focus on a new artisan food skill or building on a food lesson.

These skills help you nourish yourself, your family, and the planet at the same time by avoiding processed foods.

Topics include things like: fermented vegetables, homemade cheese, kombucha and more.


Learning to manage a farm fresh lifestyle is key to enjoying the life you are building.

No more overwhelm!

You learn to optimize your time, build simple routines, and recharge yourself.

It's about simplifying so you can focus your time on what matters most to you.

The Living Homegrown Institute is a monthly membership that helps you build your skills in organic food gardening, artisan food crafts, and lifestyle management.  

Here's Exactly What You Get Each Month:

1st Week of Each Month: A Masterclass

> Each masterclass features myself and/or a guest mentor who is an expert in their field of organic living

> The monthly masterclasss typically covers GROW or NOURISH skill-building topics such as "Growing Epic Tomatoes" or "How To Make Kombucha At Home"

> The class includes supporting materials including a "Quick Start Guide", recipes, worksheets or resources to help you get started.

> After following the lesson, you focus on that one skill for the month and can share your experience with others inside the Private Facebook group.

Here are just a FEW of our awesome instructors...

Colin McCrate: is the co-author of Food Grown Right in Your Backyard, the co-founder of Seattle Urban Farm Company and a garden designer who specializes in high-yield/small-space, organic food gardening. 

Karen Diggs: is an author, chef, certified nutritionist and the owner of KrautSource (a popular fermentation tool). Her lessons focus on fermentation.

Claudia Lucero: is the author of One Hour Cheese and the owner of Urban Cheesecraft - a cheesemaking kit company. She teaches cheesemaking.

Craig LeHoullier: is one of the top authorities on heirloom tomatoes and he is the author of Epic Tomatoes: How to select & grow the best varieties of all time. He teaches how to get the best flavor and production from your backyard tomato plants.

With 12 masterclasses per year, there are more guest mentor/instructors added each month.

3rd Week of the Month: A Mini-Lesson

> Each "Mini-Lesson" is a short video lesson featuring simple shifts that make a BIG difference in the areas of balance, time-management and organization of a farm fresh lifestyle

> These are meant to give you quick wins with little effort on your part - The goal is to simplify your life!

> Most of these lessons focus on "Balance", but will sometimes include growing or food skill lessons

Between Lessons: Our Private Facebook Group!

> This is where you'll find support and guidance between the lessons.

> Get weekly tips, resources & inspiration

> Connect with a community of people who are on the exact same journey as you are.

> Use this space to check in, ask questions and make sure you're on the right track with your recipes, gardening issues...anything farm fresh related.

So EVERY month you get a NEW

Masterclass & Mini-Training

In the areas of: GROW, NOURISH, and/or BALANCE

And you get the weekly support & resources 

shared inside the private Facebook community

Take The Information On The Go!

  • You can download all the recipes, worksheets and articles in PDF format so that you can have them at the ready
  • There is a full (printable) transcript of every masterclass
  • There is an mp3 audio file of every masterclass so that you can download and listen on the go, if you wish

Plus...Some FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Access to an Entire Library of Content

When you join now, you get access to an entire library of content for FREE. Previous masterclasses, mini-lessons and a slew of PDF How-To guides are already there to help you get started.

For Example...

You get >> Previous Masterclasses: 

  • Simple, Edible Garden Design
  • Fementing Veggies 101
  • Growing Epic Tomatoes
  • Cheesemaking 101
  • Selfcare Gardening
  • Making Kombucha at Home

You get >> How-To Lessons: 

  • How To Understand Food Labels
  • How to Test Home Garden Soil
  • How to Freeze Tomatoes
  • How to Avoid Blossom End Rot
  • How to Make Homemade BBQ Sauce 

You get >> Previous Mini-Trainings:

  • Doing More in Less Time
  • The Power of Morning Routines
  • Decluttering Our Thoughts
  • Growing/Using Lemon Verbena 

Bonus #2: A Getting Started Module

This module has resources for getting started in gardening and food quickly, so that you don't waste any time.

You'll find a welome video tour that shows you how to navigate the member's area.

And you'll find guides on: 

  • Sourcing your organic seeds
  • Tips for creating your first food garden 
  • Understanding the "certified organic" terminology

Bonus #3: Your Roadmap to Success!

Inside the "Getting Started" module, you will find your "Success Path" document.

This is your roadmap for your farm fresh lifestyle journey!

Each stage of your success is laid out for you.

Use this Success Path to figure out exactly where you are on your journey AND the characteristics of that stage. lists out the action steps you need to take to get to the next level of success. You know exactly which skills you need to work on.

So..How much does the membership cost?

Each Month You Get:

  • A new Masterclass with experts 
  • A new Mini-Training 
  • All the recipes, worksheets and PDFs that go with the month's lessons 
  • Full transcripts & audio files of all masterclasses (so you can learn on the go)
  • Access to the Facebook Community for support, more tips & more resources 

And you get the BONUSES:

  • #1: The Entire Library of Previous Content for FREE (Going back to April 2017)
  • #2: Getting Started Module 
  • #3: Three Stages of Farm Fresh Living - Success Path Roadmap

For just:


Here's What Others Are Saying About Theresa's Trainings...

Rowena Wiseman says:

“Thank you for simplifying gardening for me and making it achievable. 

I've always been so intimidated by it, but now I have a thriving veggie patch, I'm composting and planning to get some chickens for the kids later in the year. 

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us in a beautiful, approachable, accessible, heartfelt way”

Jacqui Geiselman says:

"Thank you for helping me make "living homegrown" a thing. 

All your ideas as well as your connections have made you my own personal garden/preserving/how-to guru" 

Heather Putnam says:

"...With Theresa, it feels like I am having fun while learning with a friend in my own kitchen. Thank you, Theresa, for helping me to enjoy trying something I have always wanted to do, but did not know where to start."

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do I have access to the Masterclasses and other lessons?

You have full access to ALL the lessons inside the member's area for as long as you are a paid member of the Living Homegrown Institute. And each month, new lessons are added.

The only time you lose access is if you cancel your subscription to the membership.

Do you cover canning inside the membership?

No. Although some simple preservation tips are sometimes included (such as freezing and dehydrating), Theresa does NOT cover canning topics inside the membership. She has a separate online course called the Canning Academy® that teaches water bath canning. 

How does the billing work?

When you sign up, you are billed $19 US funds for full access. The next charge of $19 will come exactly 30 days later. You can cancel at any time by writing to

What happens after I purchase? 

You will instantly receive a couple of emails: your reciept, a welcome email and a separate email with your login information. 

When you log in to the members area, you'll find a "Start Here" section and you can dive into ALL the current content and bonues right away.

Please note: If you are already a member of one of Theresa's other courses, you wll not get NEW login information. This is because your current log in works for any and all of Theresas classes. If you forgot your login, write to us and we will manually trigger a re-set password email to you. 

How do I join the Private Facebook Group?

Your welcome email has a link you can click to request access to the Facebook Group. Please give us 24-48 hours to grant access. We have to manually check each request to verify they are an active member and it might take us a bit to get through everyone.

Is my credit card secure when I make the purchase? 

Yes. All payments are processed through our Stripe payment processor and are 100% secure.

We also offer purchases through PayPal if you prefer. Both options are on the checkout page.

What if I change my mind? 

No problem. You have a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you join and decide within the first 7 days that it's NOT a right fit for you, we will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through and no hassles.  

Just let the team know at and we will promptly refund your money if it is within the 7 days of your purchase date.

After the 7 days, you can still cancel the membership at any time and but you can still enjoy access until your 30 day membership month is up. By cancelling, you will no longer be billed and your access to all the content ends after your payment period is over.

Money Back Guarantee

When you become a member of the Living Homegrown Institute, you have a full 7 days to decide if it's right for you.  

If you decide it is NOT a good fit, just send us an email at and we will promptly refund your money. 

No questions asked. No hoops to jump through and no hassles.

After the 7 days, you can still cancel your membership any time. 

If you do, you just enjoy the remainder of your current month and then you are no longer charged.

~Theresa Loe

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