Digitize Your Expertise!

I Bet You Started Working In This Industry Because You Wanted To Make A Living Doing Something That You LOVE. 


After all the hard work, the money hasn't exactly been rolling in the way you thought it would.

Am I right?

Hmmm...Does any of this sound familiar???

  • You put your blood, sweat and tears into writing a fantastic how-to or DIY book only to find yourself having to market and sell it pretty much on your own...for little or no money.
  • You've blogged (or vlogged) your bottom off trying to keep up with the hampster wheel of content creation for your website or business. But...you haven't exactly seen cash rolling in from your efforts.
  • You've read article after article about getting more "traffic" to see your stuff...but no one really shows you a clear A-Z plan for how to turn that traffic into dollars!
  • You stress yourself out traveling, giving lectures and peddling your experise. And although you love connecting with your audience...you know you're making pennies per hour for all the time and effort it's costing you. 
  • You KNOW there MUST be a way to make a solid living doing what you love...but you just haven't figured out how to do it yet.

Listen...There IS a way to leverage your knowledge to hundreds or even thousands of people at a time...And make a REAL profit doing it. 

I know because I've done it!

Hi! I'm Theresa Loe 

And you may know me as the host of the award-winning, Living Homegrown Podcast or the co-executive producer and canning expert on the PBS gardening series, Growing A Greener Word. 

But I have also built a 6-figure business sharing my expertise in small-space food gardening and artisan food crafts to an online audience. 

I've learned how to harness the same knowledge I used to pour into books and lectures.

But I now sell my expertise as digital courses, membership sites and online workshops that give me leveraged profit...even while I sleep.

If I can do it...YOU can too!

But listen...this didn't happen to me by chance.

I invested in myself and was coached by some of the top online marketers in the digital world.

The bottom line is that I'm now able to reach and help SO many more people online than I ever could do while traveling around with a box of books to sell.

And I'm tired of seeing my fellow garden writers, real-food experts, authors and bloggers struggle so hard to make a buck!

I want to open the door of possibilities for you too!

I can show you the roadmap for taking your knowledge and expertise into the digital world.

Digital Courses and Workshops Are Hands Down The Easiest, Most Effective Way To Leverage Yourself Without Putting In Exhausting 12 Hour Days!

You can...

Connect with hundreds of your fans at a time from the comfort of your home. (No dragging a box of books around an airport!)

Enjoy a steady income without having to reinvent the wheel over and over again

Have the confidence of knowing that you're reaching & helping more people in a bigger way than ever before 

Stop guessing, wasting time and putting in WAY too many hours of work (Work SMARTER, not harder)

Here's what other coaching students are saying...

"In Level Up, I learned how to package content I’d already created, sell it and scale it - which is something ALL the other industries are already doing and doing well. Gardening is just behind the times! Theresa also addressed our fears and stumbling blocks head on so we could focus on getting our message out there. It can be scary, but she had our back.  

If you’re on the fence about taking Level Up, get OFF the fence! The online world has changed and you can either jump on the train Theresa is offering here, or you can wave as the train pulls out filled with other people who become early adopters (just like Theresa did). 

Run, don’t walk, to give Theresa all your money if she offers you group coaching.”

“Before working with Theresa, I had no strategy and I was just having mediocre results. 

But today, I now see how all the pieces fit together. I have a clear business strategy and I’m focusing on the right things at the right time. 

Theresa understands our struggles because she’s been there too. Plus, her coaching goes beyond just business. My whole life is changing! That’s why it’s so powerful!”

"Before joining Level UP, I only had a vague idea of what my business would be. But with Theresa’s help, I’ve now honed down my ideas into a solid plan. 

I’m sure I would have been struggling for YEARS if I hadn’t joined.

Working with the others in the group has also been so rewarding. It's a great collaborative environment! 

I’m so glad I joined!"

"I saw people doing what Theresa does in business and I had no idea how to get there myself. In fact, I didn’t even feel that I had the time to investigate it or learn it. 

After working with Theresa, I now feel like the sky is the limit in terms of promoting our business. I no longer feel stuck! 

I’m super excited about what’s next for us." 

"In today’s economy, it’s difficult for professional writers to earn a professional salary. But I believe the skills I’m learning in Level UP are helping me do just that. 

Theresa’s coaching is fun and she presents the information in a clear, easy to understand way that’s not intimidating.  

And I can see that I am now going to be able to reach my goals because I’m learning new skills…and that’s really an exciting opportunity."

Level Up!

Level Up is a small-group coaching program where you learn how to build and sell your knowledge and expertise as profitable digital courses, workshops or memberships. 

It’s specifically geared toward authors, bloggers, teachers, and lecturers within the organic gardening, real-food and wellness niches – anyone looking for a way to reach a larger audience thru digital knowledge products.

Inside this 8-week, group coaching experience you will:

  • Understand the entire roadmap to online business within our niche – from the big picture to the exact small steps needed to build the business that you love (No more guessing!)
  • Map out your very first digital product with me by your side, holding your hand so that you stay focused on the right things and don’t lose your way 
  • Hone your audience and decide on your first offering as a stepping-stone into the online marketing world
  • Cut the fluff in your workflow so that you focus on the right things and the most important things every single day
  • Master the most effective list-building strategies for growing your audience without wasting time or effort
  • Learn the pitfalls of our organic gardening, foodie niche and how to work around them so that you can still make a tidy profit
  • Work on your messaging and branding so that it aligns with the audience that you want to build most
  • Learn the exact tools I use to make my company run smoothly without any hiccups
  • Get your questions answered from someone who has been down in the trenches and who fully understands what you’re trying to do (I’ve been there…I get it!)
  • Build confidence by getting support and feedback from other like-minded entrepreneurs in your industry

Here are the details...

  • To keep the group coaching experience intimate, I limit the number of students in the group. I customize the content to fit the individual students chosen for the program.
  • The program runs 8 weeks: October 10th - November 28th, 2017
  • There will be plenty of time to learn and implement the content.

  • The program consists of FIVE (1-hour) group coaching calls where I will be giving you LIVE training and answering questions specific to your situation.
  • All calls are recorded for you so that you can reference them over and over...forever.  
  • There are some 1 week breaks between some of the calls to allow time for homework and catching up. (No overwhelm! We keep it managable with your busy life)
  • A private Facebook group is included so that all the students can help each other and offer support and encouragement  
  • I fully participate inside the Facebook group during our 8 weeks to answer questions, offer feedback & give mini-lessons.
  • At the end of 8 weeks, students are moved to the alumni group so they can stay connected for support. In other words, your support continues as you implement what you learned!
  • The coaching calls are set up so that everyone can ask questions and get feedback during the calls
  • The calls will take place at 4 pm Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles Time) on specific dates (to be announced before the next session starts)
  • If you miss a call - NO PROBLEM! They WILL be recorded.
  • You can ask a question before the call so that it is answered on the call. Or you can ask questions after the call (inside the Facebook group) and I will answer you directly.  
  • All the recordings will be available within a private portal and you get lifetime access to all the videos

Level Up Coaching Program Recap:

Five (1-hour) group coaching calls where you are walked through a complete roadmap to success 

Lifetime access to the recordings of ALL of those calls (so that you can catch the ones you miss and re-visit them all at any time...forever)

Access to Theresa for the entire 8 weeks to ask all your specific questions - via the coaching calls and the Facebook group 

(Valued at $3,200)

PLUS BONUS #1: Access to a private Facebook group where you will be supported by other like-minded business owners - even after completing the program ($800 Value)

PLUS BONUS #2: Lifetime access to Theresa's Lifestyle Productivity Course to help you eliminate overwhelm, get focused on the right things in your life, and work smarter (not harder) in your business. ($147 Value)

(Total Package Value = $4,147)

Your investment is $898

For 8 Weeks of Coaching and Access to Me As Your Coach

(A payment plan option is available)

Note: This is by far the most affordale way to work with me. My private coaching packages start at $3,200 and there is currently a 3 month waitlist.

Unfortunately, it looks like this round of coaching is FULL

But applications are being accepted for the WAITLIST

Theresa is currently choosing her next coaching students and we are accepting applications for the WAITLIST only.  

Those who didn't make it in on this round will be FIRST IN LINE for the next coaching group in 2018.The application period closes 10/4/17 


Still on the fence? Watch this...

The application period closes

October 4, 2017 at 9 PM PST


Join the waitlist and be first in line on the next round

Other questions? Email support at