Can Food At Home With Confidence 

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  • Do you long to create your own homemade jams, pickles or other preserves, but are frustrated by all the conflicting canning information out there?  

  • Are you worried that if you can food, you won’t even know if you make a mistake?  

  • And does THAT fear balloon up into panic that something you create might make someone seriously sick?? 

  • Are you concerned that it will take hours and hours of work (that you don’t have) and super expensive equipment (that you don’t want to buy)?

  • When you hear other people talk about canning, do you feel like a complete outsider because you don't know the fancy canner lingo or techniques?

  • Are you looking for a road map to help you get started AND keep you safe?

  • Have you ever wished you had a trusted, (and fully-trained) friend who could come over to your house to show you the ropes and share all her insider secrets for canning food and bumping up flavor?

Pleasure to meet you!

I'm Theresa Loe 

Founder and Head Canner at the Canning Academy® - an online canning course.

For 9 years, I was the Co-Executive TV Producer and the on-air Canning Expert of the national PBS television series, Growing A Greener World®.

After years of teaching people how to preserve food both in person and on television, I've learned a thing or two about the road blocks that held people back. 

So, I created the Canning Academy® with the goal of helping wanna-be canners break through those road blocks so they can become super-skilled canners too. 

And I use my extensive training in preserving, chef school, horticulture and even engineering to do that. 

(Yep. I use my engineering degree to geek out on the science of canning - Fun, right?)

Through this online course, I help you kick your fear and overwhelm to the curb so you can dive into creating delicious and safe preserves.  

~ Theresa


Capture seasonal flavors with ease and showcase that flavor without compromising safety?

Confidently share those lovingly made preserves with family and friends knowing full well that they were safe and delicious?

Use food preservation as a stepping-stone toward sustainability and a way to eat locally and in-season all year long – even in winter.

Save money, eliminate food additives and reduce your food waste with every jar you add to your pantry

Accomplish all this with simple equipment (most of which you probably already have in your kitchen) and only a small investment of time

What you need is the Canning Academy®

The Canning Academy is an online (self-paced) course designed to take you by the hand and walk you (step-by-step) through the world of jams, jellies, fruit preserves, pickles and tomatoes. 

You'll learn the art & science of water bath canning!

It transforms you from a newbie, fearful canner to an experienced, confident canner who is fully trained in the water bath canning method and all the cool tricks advanced canners use to capture flavor. 

You finish the course being able to preserve high acid foods like a pro. And you'll know how to create traditional or low/no sugar preserves like you have been doing it your whole life. 

Plus, you'll be able to scrutinize any recipe for safety and time constraints. 

AND no one will ever be able to steer you wrong on a recipe because you will have the uncanny ability to rattle off the science behind the techniques you are using. will roll off your tongue like you have done this all your life.

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How Does It Work?

Work at your own pace: 

All the course information is online and available 24/7 in a simple private login area.

Learn how you learn best: 

The course is multimedia and is delivered in video format, audio downloads and written transcripts. Plus, there are cheat sheets and reference guide PDFs included. So in other words, you can watch the videos, listen to the audio files or read your way to canning success.

Review as often as you like: 

All the materials are yours to keep for life. This means you can come back after stepping away for awhile and it will all be there to refresh your memory.

Here's Exactly What You Get:

The Canning Academy takes you step-by-step through the entire water bath process so that you can capture seasonal flavors with ease. 

You learn ALL the basics plus a full safety training.

This allows you to hit the ground running with the confidence that you're doing it correctly.  

In fact, you'll find additional safety training for every type of water bath recipe imaginable: Fruits, Pickles and Tomato Products and more. 

You'll understand all the techniques and methods specific to those food types as well chef tips for getting the best flavor. 

Module 1: Canning Basics 

9 video lessons

  • Exactly how canning works so you fully understand what you are doing 
  • Which things are important and which are not when it comes to safety 
  • How to completely avoid botulism and all other nasties 
  • Which jar shapes & sizes work best with which preserves 
  • Tips for making a recipe your own while still keeping it safe 
  • All your equipment options and where to source recipes 
  • How to properly store your preserves & how to safety check them before consuming  

Module 2: Fruit Preserves

7 Video Lessons

  • How to make and showcase the flavor of your jams, jellies, pie fillings, marmalades, and whole fruit preserves 
  • Which common fruits require extra care to keep them safe 
  • 3 Different techniques for making Jam/Jelly
  • How to get “the gel” without reaching for the pectin box - using temp
  • How to reduce or completely eliminate sugar in your preserves
  • Which pectins are not what you think they are - What to look for
  • Which tools can make your fruit canning projects easier & faster 

Module 3: Quick Pickles

6 Video Lessons

  • How to transform low acid vegetables into safe pickles quickly (without fermenting)
  • How to pickle just about everything - even garlic 
  • What makes a vinegar safe for canning and which are NOT safe 
  • The secret to keeping a pickle crisp (without adding a commercial product) 
  • Which salts to use for best results
  • The fancy way to pasteurize your pickles and keep them crisp  
  • Delicious and safe recipes for making savory, sweet and even spicy quick pickles 

Module 4: Totally Tomatoes

3 Video Lessons

  • Why your grandmother's tomato recipe may NOT be safe to use today (What to do instead) 
  • How today's tomatoes are not the same as 30 years ago (What's changed)
  • How pH works and why it matters so much
  • Several different techniques that guarantee safety when canning tomatoes 
  • The super-easy chef tip for keeping your tomato products from tasting bitter
  • How to prevent floating & siphoning
  • When you must reprocess and when you can let things go
  • Crushed tomatoes, juiced tomatoes and more 

And There Are FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1: The Ultimate Checklists & Cheat Sheets

Never miss a step with my easy-to-follow Checklists and my handy-dandy Canning Cheat Sheet.

Together, you'll have all the most important canning information, right at your fingertips.

This also gives you a way to verify you're not forgetting anything if you come back to canning after taking a break.

It's like having me literally right there in the kitchen by your side, walking you through the whole process.

Bonus Lesson #2: My Exclusive Resource Guide

This is where I share my favorite tools and equipment for canning.

This guide even includes some of the more unusual jar companies and some of the tools I use in my kitchen to get the very best flavor.

Bonus Lesson #3: Time-Saving Secrets

Think canning is always time-consuming?

Think again!

We all live busy lives and there's no time to waste! 

Once you have the basics down, you'll want to dive into this bonus lesson of insider secrets for streamlining your canning sessons. 

Learn how to be more productive in less time. And learn simple steps to eliminate frantic prepping and reduce stress. 

Bonus #4: Guide to Steam Juicing

Not familiar with a steam juicer? Fear not!

This is one kitchen tool you may end up wanting if you decide to make a lot of jellies or syrups.

It is a simple tool that allows you to use steam to extract juice from fruit and then use that juice to make your preserves (or other recipe).

With this bonus guide, you will know how to use one for yourself.

Bonus #5: My "Jam'n The Pantry" Recipe Pack

Once you are jam'n along and making up recipes, you may start to worry that you'll never use up all those jars.

Don't worry - I've got you covered!

There's a lot more things to do with jam and jelly besides slathering up a piece of toast!

I've used my culinary background and put together my very best recipes for using up those preserves in super creative ways. From cocktails to salad dressings to everything in between - your biggest issue will be in deciding which are your favorites.

The course is broken up into 4 Modules (25 video lessons) + 6 Value-Packed Bonuses

The videos are designed to teach in bite-size pieces (Most lessons run 12-20 min each)  

All the modules and bonuses are available the moment you sign up so you can start immediately. (No waiting)

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Ferne Watt

“I had canned jams before but not much else. I wanted to move beyond that and I knew I was being held back by not fully knowing all the safety information. 

In the Canning Academy, I liked the ease of stopping if I needed to and then picking back up when I was ready to move on…I highly recommend this course if you want to learn to water bath can.”

Renee Mustard

"...I had never water bath canned anything and I very much wanted to learn but I was terrified I would poison someone. As I went through Theresa’s training, everything became less scary. 

But the best part is that I now understand the pH levels, the altitude adjustments…everything. I am no longer afraid and I'm canning like crazy!

I’m telling you’re the first time I heard the “pop” on my canning lids as they sealed, I was SO excited! Success! And less of my homegrown food goes to waste. That is golden!"  

Doug Dillon

“Previously, I had used books and the memory of how my mother had canned. But the Academy was better in that I could hear an expert tell me how to proceed. I am now more confident that I'm canning safely.”

Karen Diggs

Founder of

"For those who are new to food preservation, Theresa is the perfect guide, because she is that rare combination of expert gardener, passionate artist and geeky scientist all combined into one. Although many consider canning as merely a way to preserve excess harvest, it really is a social, artisanal movement which re-connects us back to our food source and bounties of the seasons. 

Theresa brings all of her incredible experiences to her classes and truly empowers her students to master canning as a way of becoming self-reliant and also as an artistic endeavor that nourishes the body and spirit." 

Heather Putnam

Mother of four (ages 5-15 years)

"As a busy mom, I was worried I wouldn't have time or energy to try canning for the first time. But, Theresa has such a comfortable and understandable way of teaching and even a 'newbie' like myself could step right in and do it. She makes things easy and approachable, and takes the worry-factor out of it. 

With Theresa, it feels like I am having fun while learning with a friend in my own kitchen. Thank you, Theresa, for helping me to enjoy trying something I have always wanted to do, but did not know where to start."

Colleen Arneil

When I first considered canning I was victim to the myth it would take hours and honestly that’s just not up my alley. I knew I wanted fresh, quality food my family can enjoy year round. And most importantly I just wanted to know what’s actually in what we’re eating. 

I am SO grateful to have found Theresa. She has such an encouraging, calm way of teaching and she makes it all so SIMPLE. It truly feels like she’s right there, by my side as I follow her step by step methods with ease. 

No marathon canning sessions here! I definitely could not have ventured into the canning world without her guidance and wicked insider tips. If there is any part of you thinking about canning, do not hesitate — take this course! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after I purchase? 

You will instantly receive an email with your login instructions. This is how you will access the members area. When you login to the members area, you will find a welcome video and you can dive into all the modules and bonues right away.  

Do I get full access all at once?

Yep! The entire course is available the moment you log in. 

Does the Canning Academy cover Pressure Canning?

The Canning Academy focuses on the water bath method of high acid food, which is the foundation of all canning.

There is NO pressure canning in this course. 

Couldn’t I just take an in-person class?

Most canning classes tend to cover only one single topic such as jams or pickles. They do not cover all water bath canning of jams, jellies, fruit preserves, quick pickles and tomatoes in just one class, plus all the safety and chef tips for bumping up flavor. And you cannot access a live class later. 

In the Canning Academy, you can revisit any lesson at any time you like and review checklists and cheat sheets prior to each canning season. It is available 24/7 and is updated if there are ever any changes in canning guidelines.

Also if taken separately, other classes would repeat the basics of canning with each class. But inside the Canning Academy, the lessons build upon each other which streamlines the learning process. 

In other words, you learn a lot more in a lot less time.

How long do I have access to the Canning Academy? 

You will have lifetime access to the Canning Academy and any updates to the program at no additional cost. Pay once and enjoy it forever!

Is my credit card secure when I make the purchase? 

Yes. All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure.

What if I am not satisfied? 

No problem. I feel so confident that the Canning Academy is an incredible value, I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you buy the Canning Academy today and you don’t agree that it’s worth every penny, I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through and no hassles. Just let my team know at and we will promptly refund your money if it is within the 30 days of your purchase date.

Money Back Guarantee

My Canning Academy comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  

If you purchase this course today and don’t agree that it’s worth every penny I said it was, just send us an email at and I will promptly refund your money. 

No questions asked. No hoops to jump through and no hassles.

~Theresa Loe

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